The Mirror (1975) Director: Andrei Tarkovsky Tarkovsky's haunting masterpiece of art cinema In Russian, with English subtitles

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Andrei Tarkovsky’s most intimate and unconventional film, “The Mirror” is having a revival in Russian theatres this year. We wouldn’t want our audience to miss out! Join us for the screening and a discussion over tea and coffee on Sunday 15 September, from 4pm.
Tarkovsky only made seven feature films in his brief but stellar career, and of these, The Mirror (1975) is the purest, convention-defying art of cinema, playing with memory, perception and time. The Russian director’s most autobiographical film features verses by his father Arseny Tarkovsky - a celebrated poet in his own right. Much-loved screen star Oleg Yankovsky and his son Filipp play father and son in this unique film. Tickets £7 including refreshments, via Eventbrite.

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